What is unique about CSK?

This is a multispecialty clinic located at Besant Nagar, Chennai, India. The clinic offers a range of specialist services including Urology, Uro-Oncology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Uro-Gynaecology.The motto of The Chennai Speciality Klinic is “Quality care at doorstep” and we believe in patient centred care.

How do I Get to CSK (Location)?

You can find the location of CSK here

How can I make an appointment?

For appointment please call – 9600020690/9600020740

Where can I Shop medicine near the Clinic? (Pharmacy inbuilt)

There is an in house pharmacy which provides the commonly prescribed medications. The pharmacy will help you in the process of providing you the medications at a reasonable cost. If not available , the staff will help you to procure the medications as well.

How can I comment about my experience at the Clinic (compliment, complaint, or suggestion)?

Your suggestions are most welcome. Please use a feedback form provided by the staff or you can the feedback from page in this website.